About Us

About Us

Empowering Industries Across GCC: UES Trading, Equipping, and Manpowering Company

UES Trading, Equipping, and Manpowering Company, known as Unicorn Energy Solution, is a dynamic force in Qatar's business landscape. Our diverse portfolio includes general trading and supply, recruitment and manpowering, chemical and gas exporting, and equipping services.

In general trading, we excel in supplying essential products for production and construction. Our recruitment and manpowering division offers innovative solutions, providing rehab and mobility systems, and offering comprehensive CV banks for selection.

For chemical and gas exporting, we specialize in supplying a wide range of chemicals and building materials, including production chemicals for various industries.

Our equipping services cater to the needs of production and construction sectors, assisting in equipment purchases, obtaining certifications and approvals, and enhancing ICV scores. UES is committed to excellence, reliability, and sustainable growth, serving as a trusted partner for businesses across the GCC region.

Diverse Services

UES offers general trading, recruitment, chemical exporting, and equipping services, providing comprehensive solutions.

Innovative Solutions

They provide unique offerings like rehab systems and ICV score improvement, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

GCC Expertise

With a presence in Doha and coverage across the GCC, UES brings local expertise and global perspective to their services.

Our vision is to redefine excellence and inspire growth, becoming the trusted partner in business success across the GCC. We are committed to setting new standards of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, driving positive change and sustainable development in the region.

Empowering Industries

Enriching Lives

Our mission is to empower industries and enrich lives by delivering excellence through innovative solutions, quality services, and sustainable practices. We aim to shape a brighter future for all stakeholders, fostering growth and prosperity in the communities we serve.

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